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Ofer 0.20$ Paypal fiecarui user care se inscrie pe CryptoCarbon
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  • CLICK AICI - este grup de Facebook creat de mine...Linkul este in prima postare in imagine
  • Te poti inregistra si folosind contul de Facebook, fara a completa tot formularul.
  • In cont vei primi 1.22 CCRB token estimat momentan la 0.6$ pe C-Cex.com, insa dupa terminarea ICO moneda va ajunge undeva la 5$
  • Dupa inscriere, vei primi 0.20$ Paypal de la mine
Price of CCRB Coins Increasing (Ceiling of $5 per coin)
A reminder that the price of CCRB coins will go up as soon as the switch from the Pre-Sale to full Token Sale is made - coins will increase to $0.80 per coin from $0.65 per coin - so now is the time to purchase your CCRB before the price increase.

Speaking of price increases, it’s incredible to think that the original starting price of CCRB for the very earliest investors was only $0.10 - look how far things have come since then, with the price now at $0.65 and set to rise up to $0.80 in just a few days time.

During the Token Sale, the price of the coins is expected to increase steadily throughout the 90 days from a starting point of $0.80 right up to a final ceiling of $5 - so the quicker you buy the greater the savings that you will make, with things really starting to be ramped up now as demand increases exponentially and the supply of CCRB becomes ever more depleted.
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