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Team Spirit
Am mai postat chestia respectiva , si APURIGPS si COINXPLUS le muta pe alt server , de aceia au fost offline , APURIGPS zice ca azi , miercuri 15.07 o sa fie din nou ONLINE si COINXPLUS o sa fie online vineri 17.06

Hello dear Apurians,
I know that the situation is uncomfortable for you. We strive to be online again as soon as possible. This server move and related work was / is an extremely important step in terms of security and speed of our Exchange as well as on the Apurigps.
I would like to apologize to you for these circumstances.
Please understand if I cannot announce an exact date at the moment, but will always update you.
LG Erich Krammer

Wednesday the GPS is back online
AGC sale is discontinued
no profit leasing
Existing profit leases continue to expire
AGC desktop wallet
or send to Coinxplus AGC Wallet
Apuri Quiz will also start with AGC

Every coin holder will have a higher demand and therefore a rising price
- Probably Apuri Quiz with affiliate program from Thursday
- Friday Coinxplus Online
Coinxplus with Modulus Global (Marketing & Service Traffic and more for the Exchange)

New feature & add on will come tomorrow.
- from Monday next week new start with ...
Information about this from tomorrow on the radio shows
Structures and teams remain
new to new network marketing
Stay tuned - this will be great !!

On August 1st to the event much more - mega !!


Team Spirit
Acum este ONLINE , sau produs ceva schimbari , PROFIT LEASING a disparut , a bagat DESKTOP WALET pt AGC , sa cititi si ce scrie la NEWS @ UPDATE


Trebuie sa va schimbati parola dupa ce va logati , mai jos sint pasi de urmat pt a schimba parola de logare

1 . Cind va logati initial o sa va apara ca mai jos , va logati cu username si parola initial


2 . dupa ce v-ati logat in dreapta sus la profil , dati clik pe view /edit , o sa apara ca mai jos

3 . si de aici schimbati parola , scrieti noua parola in ambele casute si la NEW si la CONFIRM apoi clik pe UPDATE si o sa va apara scris ca aici cu rosu Passworl changed succesful si asta este tot ce trebuie facut .


sint din nou online , dar au facut ceva schimbari , PROFIT LEASING a disparut , dar contractele existente PROFIT leasing o sa produca in continuare pina cind expira , cit a fost offline AGC sa produs este in ROI walet , sa ii lasati acolo , pt ca o sa bage si AGC WALEET si DESKTOP AGC WALET si banuiesc ca numai de acolo se mai poti trimite pe COINXPLUS

PS. Trebuie schimbata parola de logare pt ca au eliminat pasul cu OTP trimis la e-mail personal , acum te poti loga direct nu iti mai trimite codul OTP .
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Team Spirit
There is permanent work on the sides. Some things only work in online mode, some things only in offline mode. (Live test). GPS: Currently the AGC ROI are & remain in the ROI wallet. That will change again with the desktop wallet and the Coinxplus in the near future! Networker: Full of foucs on the Founder Ticket and the 7pm (MEZ) Zoom Call. Thank you, good luck. Team D ACH (ACC)
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Team Spirit

Founder Ticket with Bitcoin payment - Quick Tutorial EN
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/apuriinfo

Apuri Global Profit Sharing>>
Founder Ticket redeem/ pay.

-Waiting for the GO of your upline.
-Then book your own ticket.
Each team partner will give a GO to his direct team partners as soon as the confirmation mail of the booking is through and it is checked by you in the back office.

Founder Ticket Button & Ticket by Wallet:
- 99 $ in your wallet and pay
- Copy the Bitcoin transaction ID from the payment and paste it into the Hash ID field
- Submit button must be pressed, otherwise no assignment possible
-email confirmation waiting, log in at Apuri.io - DONE)
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Team Spirit
Salut va prezint noua sectiune a celor de la APURI inscrierea se face pe unul din ambele linkuri de mai jos.



dupa ce va inscrieti pe unul din likurile de mai sus si va logati o sa apara ca in imagine de mai jos , la adresa BTC generata ca aici trebuie sa trimiteti cei 99 $ , dupa care la rindul vostru dati likurile voastre de inscriere celor pe care ii aveti inscrisi TECH TREE de la apurigps , se pot inscrie si noi veniti fara probleme pe linkurile postate mai sus .


dupa ce ati trimis cei 99 $ o sa primit un e-mail ca cel de mai jos , clik pr LOGIN HERE si va logati


dupa logare contul apuri o sa va apara ca aici , o sa aveti Kikstart BONUS in valoare de 80 $

PS. ca sa beneficiati de KIKSTAR BONUS -80 $ trebuie sa va inscrieti pe unul din linkurile postate mai sus si depus cei 99 $ pina la data de 1.08

PT fiecare REF care devine Screenshot_15.png primiti 30 $ , deci practic la 1 singur ref care investeste cei 99 $ , investitia personala este recuperata.



Dear Apurians,Within the first 5 months of 2018, more than 537 ICOs were completed. Overall, more than 13.7 billion were collected. Mostly from distribution partners like yourself.It is almost impossible for one person to conclude a project like an ICO or an IEO on their own. That the companies and founders are always the biggest beneficiaries is no secret.Would you not like to be in that position for once?For this purpose, I would hereby like to make you an extraordinary offer.What’s so special about it is that I am inviting you to stand on the other side this time. Join me in becoming a co-founder of this token – no matter if upline, crossline, downline, or no line. Every time the token is bought in our IEO, you, as co-founder, make money as well.As co-founder, you will enjoy all advantages as if you were launching a crypto coin yourself with the listing on the exchange already being guaranteed.Furthermore, a whole sales team will be selling the token for you.Apuri will take care of everything. You will merely enjoy the financial advantages of a co-founder.How do you become a co-founder?The existing team will be transferred for this initiative. So, you already have an existing team. Se-cure your founding position with a so-called co-founder ticket for $ 99,-. For these $ 99 tokens with a value of $ 99,- will be allocated to you subsequently.There will be a detailed, extensive explanation on August 1st, live on our event in Germany, and in our live zoom calls from that point onwards.Use this time to activate all team partners in your structure so that your position is secured.Thus, your team partners do not have to register again but simply confirm the position through the co-founder ticket.Welcome on the other side!Erich Krammer CEO


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Team Spirit
cred ca pina pe 31.07 nu o sa fie COINXPLUS si WALET DESKTOP AGC online cu toate ca au zis asa ceva cind am intrebat pe chat



Team Spirit
Acum că sunt online, ce putem face cu AGC adunat in ROI Wallet AGC ?
Vor neapărat să ne ia câte 99$!

Dear partners

We decided to end the campaign by taking over the existing partners in order to be able to fully concentrate on the new back office start Apuri.io “Founder Ticket XPTO”.

For security reasons, we have to initiate a clear cut between the old GPS and the new back office Apuri.io with all functions.

We are looking forward to introducing you to the new back office with all its functions on Saturday.

For more information, please visit one of our team calls or contact your manager.

We look forward to seeing you again on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 at Apuri.io.

Our country managers for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (ACC) will be happy to help you in the meantime if you are still interested in a Founder Ticket.

asta de la apuri.io , zice ca din motive de securitate nu mai au treaba cu vechiul apurigps , deci concluzia cred ca cam asta este o sa abandoneze proiectul apurigps cel cu AGC , si se axeaza pe noul proiect pe apuri.io care are alt coin AGN , cam aceiasi marie cu alta palarie , DAR palaria asta este pe bani asa ca no coment , miine 8.08 lanseaza apuri.io si tokenul AGN


Team Spirit
Apuri Info Group, [08/24/20 14:55]
Dear Apurians, as already announced, the settlement of all profit leases will be completed by August 31, 2020.

For this reason, the back office will not be available to you for the period from 08/25/2020 to 08/27/2020 inclusive.

Ongoing profit leasing will be stopped on August 26, 2020. The ROI achieved up to that point is available in your ROI wallet. As a thank you for your trust and patience, the invested coin amount will also be credited to your AGC main wallet.

This means that in addition to the ROI you have achieved, you will once again be credited with the amount of your AGC Coins that you invested when you started profit leasing.

This process will be completed by 08/28/2020. Your back office will be available again from August 29th, 2020.

The Withdrawal function of the AGC Coins will be available from September 4th, 2020.

The ApuriGPS team thanks you for your understanding and wishes you continued success!

Apuri Info Group, [24.08.2014 14:55]
Dragi Apuri, așa cum s-a anunțat deja, decontarea tuturor contractelor de închiriere de profit va fi finalizată până la 31 august 2020.

Din acest motiv, sediul nu va va fi disponibil pentru perioada cuprinsă între 25.08.2020 și 27.08.2020 inclusiv.

Leasingul continuu de profit va fi oprit pe 26 august 2020. ROI realizat până în acel moment este disponibil în portofelul ROI. Ca mulțumire pentru încredere și răbdare, suma investită va fi creditată și în portofelul principal AGC.

Aceasta înseamnă că, pe lângă ROI-ul dvs., veți fi creditat din nou cu suma monedelor AGC pe care le-ați investit atunci când ați început leasingul de profit.

Acest proces va fi finalizat până la 28.08.2020. Biroul din spate va fi disponibil din nou începând cu 29 august 2020.

Funcția de retragere a monedelor AGC va fi disponibilă începând cu 4 septembrie 2020.

Echipa ApuriGPS vă mulțumește pentru înțelegere și vă urează succes în continuare!