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Poti tranzactiona Dash/BTC si dupa BTC/Euro.
Direct exista perechea Dash/Usd.
Poate fi folosit si ca portofel, dar in general nu e recomandat mai ales daca vrei sa tii pentru perioade lungi.


Au modificat termenii si conditiile, printre schimbari se numara o taxa pentru conturile inactive pentru mai mult de 6 luni (fara login/depozit), suma minima de depozitat si verificarea KYC (pana acum era necesara doar pentru operatiuni cu fiat).
Terms of Use Update on CEX.IO
Today we would like to share with you the reviewed Terms of Use on CEX.IO. According to them, using CEX.IO services hereinafter means you agree with the introduced updates.

In the new version, we have specified the terms mentioned below:

Storage Conditions
Storage fee may be charged when the account is considered abandoned after 6 months from last account sign in or deposit. Please also note that already deducted from user’s account storage fee can't be refunded. Find details on our blog.

Deposits and Withdrawals
We ask you to take notice of the following aspects:

Minimum deposit amount
The users can deposit the minimum of 0.001 ETH. For other cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ZEC, BCH, BTG, and DASH, the minimum amount to deposit is 0.0001. If you send less than indicated, the coins will not be credited to your balance.

Payment Processing
We would like to mention that for wire transfers we do not use our corporate bank account but rather the services of financial institutions. They may check and verify payments, so processing takes longer. As for crypto transactions, the networks may be overloaded, which also causes delays.

While the delays arise due to external reasons, there may be no tools for us to impact the speed of transactions. As soon as we find more convenient and faster ways to deliver your payments, we will be happy to present them.

Correctness of Information
Please always make sure you are using correct destination tags and reference numbers for successful transaction processing. Remember that indicating wrong data (for XRP, XLM, or bank transfers) may lead to the loss of funds or delays in processing.

Identity Verification
CEX.IO always seeks to act in compliance with high security standards, so we stick to strict AML/KYC policies. In accordance with the updated Terms of Use, identity verification is necessary for all customers to conduct any actions on the platform.

Margin Trading
Using margin trading, please pay attention that it may sometimes appear necessary to close all margin positions, like in the cases of hard forks. If it is required, we will inform you 2 weeks before position closure.

Also, take into consideration that the system may close a position before the price hits stop loss. If it is impossible to reserve the necessary volume at the indicated price in the order book, the position will be closed at the lowest rate possible.

We are striving for full transparency in our relations with customers and highly appreciate your trust and loyalty. These changes to our Terms of Use were necessary to clarify critical points regarding how our platform works.

We are always grateful for your understanding.