CoinEx - (Platforma de Exchange + Token cu Dividende)


CoinEx este o platforma de exchange lansata in decembrie 2017 si prima care a oferit paritate pe Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
CoinEx este detinut de ViaBTC, principalul mining pool de Bitcoin Cash la nivel global.
Luna trecuta CoinEX a fost o perioada exchange-ul numarul unu dupa volum.

Celelalte paritati pentru trade sunt BTC, ETH si USDT.
Limita retragere 24h cu 2FA activat: 10000 USD
Verificarea KYC este optionala, ea asigura retrageri nelimitate si access la anumite promotii.

Taxe trade:
Maker 0.1%
Taker 0.1%

CoinEx Token (CET) este token-ul ERC-20 al platformei:

80% din taxele de tranzactionare sunt distribuite ca dividende detinatorilor de CET.
20% din profitul trimestrial al companiei va fi folosit pentru a cumpara si distruge CET.
CET poate fi folosit ca un discount de 50% pentru taxele de tranzactionare.
CET ofera detinatorilor dreptul de a vota ce cryptomonede noi sa fie listate.
Detinatorii de CET vor avea acces la promotii si airdrop-uri.
Detinatorii de CET pot participa in planificarea operatiunilor CoinEx.
In viitor se va lansa un exchange descentralizat ce va folosi CET pe post de "gas".

Link: CoinEx


Date Total dividend(BCH) Dividend rate Total earning(CET) Basic Difficulty(CET/Hour)
2018-08-17 438.54177024 0.21% 10119106.43871378 4.09

Pentru a primi dividende sunt necesari minimum 100 CET.
Ultima editare:


Date Total dividend(BCH) Dividend rate Total earning(CET) Basic Difficulty(CET/Hour)
2018-08-20 470.60192751 0.20% 10123415.8272165 3.96


Date Total dividend(BCH) Dividend rate Total earning(CET) Basic Difficulty(CET/Hour)
2018-08-30 450.41933282 0.19% 9941557.88982263 3.76

Se ofera 100 CET gratis pentru verificarea avansata via aplicatia mobila:
Dear CoinEx users:

To secure your accounts, CoinEx added Advanced ID verification on August 31st, 2018 (UTC).
Attention: "Advanced ID verification" is only available in APP. Download APP:

Promotion: From August 31st, 2018 (HKT)

1. Reward for advanced verification: From now on, all users that completed advanced ID verification will be rewarded 100 FREE CET.
2. Reward for referral: From now on, users will get more 100 FREE CET after their referred friend(s) completes advanced ID verification.

All CET rewards will be allocated to you or your referred friend’s account instantly after advanced ID verification is completed.

Invite friends to sign up now and win advanced ID verification reward & referral reward.

Please refer to Help Center for more instruction: What is ID Verification?


Date Total dividend(BCH) Dividend rate
2018-08-31 471.54802229 0.20%

A 3-a rascumparare si distrugere de CET:
Dear CoinEx users:

According to the applications of CET, we have repurchased and burned 15,171,262 CET in total for the THIRD time on September 1st, 2018 (UTC).

Total tx fees income of August: 28702.5546936 BCH

For repurchase: 1148.1021877 BCH

Avg. price: 0.0000756761154 CETBCH

Repurchased amount: 15171262.17106915 CET

To address:

So far, CoinEx has repurchased 83,220,792 CET and the total circulating amount of CET is 9,916,779,208.

At the end of each month, CoinEx will continue to buy back and ‘burn CET with 20% of our MONTHLY profit.
In cazul unui fork Bitcoin Cash in Bitcoin-SV, detinatorii de BCH pe CoinEx vor primi BSV la o rata de 1:1
Dear CoinEx users:

We’ve recently noticed that nChain (, an influential company in Bitcoin Cash community, published an announcement of the creation of Bitcoin SV (

Bitcoin-SV (BSV) is the altered version of Bitcoin Cash protocols. BSV is likely to bring a potential fork of Bitcoin Cash by causing incompatibility with Bitcoin Cash network and therefore create a new cryptocurrency asset - Bitcoin-SV (Token: BSV). Should it happen, all Bitcoin Cash holders will then receive BSV assets against a 1:1 ratio on your BCH assets.

As a responsible cryptocurrency trading platform who guarantees maximum protection for customer assets, we decide to make the following precautions for a potential fork:

1. On the basis of “snapshot” during the potential forking, we will allocate BSV to your accounts against a 1:1 ratio on your BCH assets.

2. After the fork, we will release a BSV/BCH trading pair in CoinEx so you can buy or sell BSV.

3. CoinEx will not support BSV deposit and withdrawal until its chain is stabilized and all supporting services e.g. wallet are available. Please refer to our official announcement for more information.

Potential security risks

Unlike the previous forked assets, Bitcoin-SV (SV) lacks the replay protection mechanism, which will bring chaos to the entire Bitcoin Cash network, causing unnecessary asset loss for users.

Therefore, CoinEx strongly recommends that Bitcoin-SV (SV) could take the concerns into consideration and add replay protection mechanism to avoid any unnecessary loss.

CoinEx will protect your assets

Together with ViaBTC mining pool, CoinEx will guard your assets even if there’s no replay protection.


To avoid unnecessary asset loss, CoinEx recommends all users to deposit their BCH assets to CoinEx before the potential forking. We will provide 100% protection for your assets and please be assured that you will receive the forked asset of BSV as promised.

CoinEx reserves the rights of final explanation of the announcement.


CoinEx a lansat contractul permanent cu efect de levier (margin).
Cu aceasta ocazie a fost lansat un concurs de trading folosind contracte permanente cu premii de pana la $10000.
Concursul este complet gratuit, acestia ofera 10 BTC de test ce pot fi folositi exclusiv pentru trading cu contracte permanente (nu pot fi retrasi).
De asemenea se pot castiga 100 CET (~ $2.5) pentru completat cateva taskuri in cadrul "Newbie Party".
Bounty pentru bug-uri: pana la $2000.
Dear CoinEx users,

We are thrilled to inform you that the public testing of CoinEx perpetual contract is officially launched with Trading Challenge, Newbie Party and Bug Bounty promotions.

Participate in Trading Challenge & Win up to 10,000 USD rewards

Duration: 10:30 May 17, 2019 (UTC) - 10:30 May 31 (UTC)

Trading Challenge

1. Participation rule: During the event, every CoinEx user's MAIN account will be credited with 10 FAKE BTC to use as Initial Margin at the beginning of the challenge.
2. Qualification rule: MAIN accounts in Perpetual Contracts
3. Ranking rule: All the qualified participants will be ranked in descending order of profits and rewarded with corresponding amounts of BTC.
4. Rewards: 10,000 - 100 USD worth of BTC for Top 100 participants. You may view the detailed reward allocation HERE.

Newbie Party
1. Participation rule: A total amount of 1,000,000 CET will be allocated to CoinEx users who have completed the required newbie tasks.
2. Tasks: Complete Advanced Verification - Enable contract trading - Open and close positions at least once for both during the event
3. Rewards: Every CoinEx user has a chance to receive 100 CET for completing all the tasks on a first-come-first-served basis.

Bug Bounty
If you’ve encountered any bug or improvement ideas while trading CoinEx Perpetuals, please report it by submitting a ticket.
1. Valid Suggestions: A 100 USD worth of BTC reward per suggestion accepted by the team.
2. Complex Bugs (Affecting the functions of the website): A 500 USD worth of BTC reward per complex bug.
3. Major Bugs (Evaluated by the R&D team): A 2,000 USD worth of reward per major bug

CoinEx Perpetuals Guide
It's recommended to take a thorough look at the trading rules and help center before you take part in this event:

MUST-READ before participation
Trading Challenge

1. Margin: During the event, the margin in your contract account balance is NOT REAL and is NOT available for inter-transfer or withdrawal and will be erased after the promotion.
2. All qualified participants will be ranked in descending order of the profits and users with minus profits will NOT be included in the rankings.
3. Sub-accounts are NOT qualified for this event.
4. The BTC rewards will be allocated to the winners' accounts in 3 business days against the real-time rate at the ending time.
5. The rewards are REAL Bitcoins that can be used as Margin, traded, transferred and withdrawn.
Newbie Party
1. The CET rewards are given away on a first-come-first-served basis.
2. Each and every CoinEx account is ONLY available for ONE newbie reward: Max. 100 CET.
3. The CET rewards will be allocated to the winners' accounts in 3 business days at the end of the event.
4. The rewards are REAL CoinEx Tokens that can be traded, transferred and withdrawn.
Bug Bounty
1. The BTC rewards will be allocated to the winners' accounts in 3 business days against the real-time rate at the ending time.
2. The rewards are REAL Bitcoins that can be used as Margin, traded, transferred and withdrawn.

1. Risks: The trading challenge is simulated for the purpose of providing users with a chance to learn about contract trading. Contract trading is a highly risky financial product for experienced traders. Inadequate trading knowledge will result in major losses. Hence, users would be well advised to be prudent in such trading activity.
2. Malicious behavior: Participants will be disqualified from the event on the grounds that CoinEx deems their acts might create a disorder.
3. Please stay tuned for the date of the official launch of perpetual contract on CoinEx.
4. CoinEx reserves the final right of explanation for this announcement.

CoinEx Team