CoinStarter - (10 STAC Gratis)


CoinStarter se vrea a fi echivalentul lui Kickstarter pentru lansarea unui ICO.
Se bazeaza pe platforma Ethereum.
Unul din conceptele lor este ca un proiect fara un produs nu ar trebui sa primeasca finantare mai mare de $100k in Bitcoin pentru stagiul 1 - Runda Angel.
We are solving a problem
ICO's often times raise millions of dollars without having a product or even a team capable of building the product they promise. The past shows, that most of today's billion dollar companies has started out with less than $100k initial investment.

At CoinStarter, we are dedicated to allow buyers to diversify their portfolio by making a smaller investment first and make larger investments for products that actually deliver. We believe that companies aren't going to be successful because they can build a smart contract - they may not be techies but still be great in their field. We exist to help companies in all industries gain access to coin based fundraising, we'll help them connecting them to you, and the blockchain.
We've created a streamlined process for new ICO's.

Stage 1 - Angel Round
Projects without proven track record must start an Angel Round. After the Angel Round they can start a Series A if they succeed at delivering their promises. Angel rounds are capped at $100k worth of Bitcoin. After an Angel Round the company may proceed to Stage 2 or Stage 5.

Stage 2 - Series A
Projects that deliver a product and has a promise to grow, will be able to start a Series A.
Existing companies with a proven track record may be able to start a Series A without an Angel round. After Stage 2 the company may proceed to Stage 3 or Stage 5.

Stage 3 - Series B
If the the company is succeeding but needs more cash in order to achieve their required growth rate they may start a Series B. After Stage 3 the company may proceed to Stage 4 or Stage 5.

Stage 4 - Series C
This is an optional stage that may needed for some companies.

Stage 5 - Coin released to the public.
Why all the stages?

Stages will allow early investors to get more of the rewards for the risks they are taking on.
Investors can fund more companies and make smarter decisions by making companies deliver before giving them money they don't even need at an early stage.

And ultimately, successful companies that deliver, will have an organic hype for their next stage.
And that hype will be based not only on an idea, but Proof of Work.
Primul ICO este insusi CoinStarter.
La inregistrare ofera 10 CoinStarter tokens.
Mai se pot castiga tokens cu umatoarele activitati:
Pentru fiecare referral: 1 tokens.
Pentru fiecare vizita unica pe ref link: 0.025 tokens.
Login zilnic: 0.1 tokens.
Pentru campania lansata si aprobata a unui referral: 50 tokens.

Distributia de tokens va avea loc dupa ICO intr-un wallet Ethereum compatibil cu standardul ERC20 (de ex.

Link: CoinStarter
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We’re excited to introduce another suite of products for the Coinstarter community.
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Best of all, you can access all of Businefy’s services with CoinStarter Coins.

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We are finalizing our technology development before launching our ICO.


Update: Au schimbat platforma Waves cu Ethereum.
Au adaugat mai multe informatii pe site, Whitepaper-ul a fost publicat, ICO va incepe pe 24 noiembrie.
CoinStarter 2.0 is here!

Since our launch in July, we've worked around the clock to finish the CoinStarter technology and launch our ICO.

This process also included some changes to our structure and technology.
1. We've decided to use Ethereum network instead of Waves.
StarterCoins issued as an ERC20 token through Ethereum Smart Contracts.
2. We've increased our supply of StarterCoins and also increased the number of your coins.
3. We are introducing CoinStarterBox and CoinStarter Premium. You can learn more from the "CoinStarterBox" section of your account page.

What you need to do:
Update your Waves Wallet to your Ethereum wallet before January 15, 2018.
Unsold StarterCoins will be burned, so it's essential that you add your Ethereum wallet so we can issue your coins. You can update your wallet on the bottom of the "My StarterCoin" section of your account page. For more questions, please refer to our FAQ.


Perioada ICO a fost extinsa.
Total strans: $6,254,945.57
Se estimeaza ca vor fi listati pe exchange-uri pe 1 martie.


A aparut o optiune in cont pentru a revendica monedele: "Claim Bonus Tokens".
Revendicarea se poate face pana pe 16 februarie, dupa acea data monedele nerevendicate vor fi distruse.
Distributia va avea loc pe 15 mai.


Distributia a inceput asa cum a fost anuntat initial, pe 15 mai.
Eu am primit tokens pe 17 mai, mult mai putin decat arata in dashboard, spun ei ca din cauza afisajului incorect al numarului total de STAC.
Tin minte ca a avut loc o crestere brusca in nr. de STAC cand au facut un upgrade la platforma si au schimbat Waves cu Ethereum, probabil la asta se refereau.
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