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Unfortunately, at this point of market development, traditional mining requires considerable expenditures in order to be profitable, thus losing its attractiveness for the regular user.

As bitcoin price surged above $11,000, hitting its highest level since March 5, 2018, it’s probably time to realize the inevitability of digital currency. The best way to get it is obviously to extract it. Unfortunately, at this point of market development, traditional mining requires considerable expenditures in order to be profitable, thus losing its attractiveness for the regular user. In the meantime, cloud mining steps onto the scene to propose convenient and secure methods of obtaining the same value while making minimum efforts.

What is Cloud Mining?
Cloud mining is the form of acquiring digital currency by renting or buying the mining capacity of hardware in a remote data center. It is usually more efficient for the user as opposed to traditional mining, as there is absolutely no physical equipment required. It allows users to earn coins without dealing with software, hardware, bandwidth, electricity, and other offline challenges.

Transparent Cloud Mining Provider is a multifunctional cloud mining service for BTC and LTC, launched on February 14, 2018. The headquarters of CryptoUniverse is located in Tallinn, Estonia, so all processes are managed in accordance with all legal and financial standards of the European Union. An additional office is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. In Russia, there are two data centers (Leningrad and Irkutsk regions) together with technical partners and 7 representative offices in major cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk. The company is heavily represented in Siberian regions, due to the suitable climate and affordable electricity rates.

The Facilities

The main advantage of the data centers is their cheap electricity access. CryptoUniverse always aims to obtain the best possible rates for kW/h in their operating regions. Its 20 MW facility in Kirishi, Leningrad region, Russia with more than 12,000 ASIC miners is located in close proximity to a powerhouse. That allows the company to base their contracts on the lowest electricity price in the country because of the very lucrative long-term contract for the supply of the necessary electricity with the Leningrad region government. The company owns the land under the building and the building itself. Hence any rental issues are irrelevant. The facility was constructed in accordance with the highest standards of industrial safety, to protect themselves from any force majors.


CryptoUniverse data center in Kirishi, Russia. Photo illustrates one of three floors.

The company is planning on undertaking the Siberian region. There is another one facility under construction which will be using all the advantages of climate and legislation of that region. It is planned to be launched in the middle of July 2019 and is capable of accommodating 67,000 miners. Due to a close location to several water-power plants, the facility will benefit from one of the lowest electricity tariffs in the world
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AZI , 8.07.2019 am mai cumparat un ANTMINER S9SE -16TH/s cu BTC din BALANCE ,mai jos lista cu mineri cumparatii pina acum, strategia mea in continuare este sa cumpar cite un miner pe luna evident din BALANCE . Screenshot_10.png


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Plata nr 6 aferenta contractelor LTC

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A deposit of 0.51455000 LTC has been received and confirmed into your CoinPayments Wallet. The deposit was received on NsvPrXsQ4aSni46jT6hXf6rVVMXE with transaction ID 00b06bb240fd8e354299a9e7b160e41a03841bf9536803fe0df12763f1ee45f2.

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Sa cititi integral articolul de mai jos sint citeva chestii foarte interesante , comparatii intre ASIC -uri de la BITMAIN vs CAANAN , ANTMINER vs AVALON .

Nikita Gribkov, the VP of Cryptouniverse:

“ Choosing the right hardware from the beginning is the number one priority when it comes to data center deployment. It should work for years with minimum maintenance, providing high stability, and sufficient hashing power. ”

CryptoUniverse data center in Kirishi town, near Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Positive And Negative Aspects of Antminers(Bitmain) and Avalonminers(Canaan)

Considering the hardware for Bitcoin mining and Litecoin mining, both companies offer competitive solutions on the market. But, the problem lies not even in performance or electricity usage, but in general characteristics, that differ between these two manufacturers.

From an engineering standpoint, Antminers’ components leave much to be desired, which results in lower repairability, and if there’s a need to change some elements, only original parts can be used. Very often such miners as S9 to S11 overheat, due to poor cooling system design, which results in lower performance and requires a relatively cold environment with efficient ventilation. On top of that, these miners have hot spots, which may lead to accidental ignition of wiring.

It’s different for Avalonminers, that come with well-designed cooling systems, high-quality components that can be changed with custom parts. Overheating occurs rarely, but the significant disadvantage lies in its deployment, which requires additional components such as proprietary microcontrollers or Raspberry Pi microcomputers, and power supplies that have to be ordered separately. But, the Antminers come with a power supply and controller at a lower price than Avalonminers, which makes it more attractive for individuals.

Antminers durability doesn’t last for long, and often they get defective, and If there’s a need to make reparations, the outcome is unpredictable due to low-quality components. Avalon miners rarely come problematic and can be easily repaired, and If a person decides to start this business at home, there will be significant problems if something gets broken, because, without the electrical engineering skills, the hardware can become dysfunctional. Moreover, when ordering new parts from China, it takes around a month for them to arrive.

Mining at home represents huge risks associated with wiring ignition, which is caused by an electricity network that simply can’t hold such a voltage. Hardware can work unstably because the electricity network may get overloaded. In the end, everyone can conclude that delegating the hardware deployment and maintenance to a company, or simply joining a cloud mining, is a much better and profitable decision, where the company bears all risks and takes care of all issues.

PS . luna aceasta vream sa mai cumpar un ANTMINER S9SE , unul deja am cumparat acum 4 zile , am postat deja , dar citind articolul respectiv c am decis sa mai astept pina o sa aiba AVALON 911 , si atunci am sa cumpar , de acum incolo am incerc sa cumpar MINERII PREPONDERENT numai de CAANAN respectiv seria AVALON , mai eficienti energetic , mai fiabili , sistem de racire mai bun etc .
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PLATA nr 24

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How to enter the cloud mining market
A guide to understanding and entering cloud mining

If you’re looking to enter the cryptocurrency industry, then there are two ways that you can get this done; you can go to an exchange to get your tokens, or you can make them.
The “making” process has been described as mining, and it can be broken down into two general parts; purchases and cloud mining.
In a nutshell, these are the two most popular ways through which a person can get into the mining game. So, let’s take a look at both.
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The ASIC software

If you will want to mine pretty much any of the major cryptocurrencies (including and especially Bitcoin) these days, it is important that you become a part of a mining pool and get your hands on ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) mining software.
This is even truer if you will like to mine and lose as little cash as possible on your operation.
As things stand, the ASIC hardware is preferred because they are the only form of hardware that has the power required to mine most of the major crypto assets.
In addition, you will need to join a pool because no single person can muster up enough hash power to mine a complete block of currencies on their own.
A lot of people who look to mine as a hobby tend to use GPUs or CPUs today. The requirement to join a mining pool is still there, but this method has proven to be ineffective over time.

With an ASIC (or hardware with just as much power), you have a higher chance of making a profit on your mining operation.
Also, energy costs need to be factored in because in some areas of the world, the cost of energy is too high, and this can impact the profits you make off your mining operation.
Cloud mining
Well, that solution is the most likely what you get with cloud mining.
In its simplest form, cloud mining is the activity of mining your tokens with the help of the cloud. It is the use of generally shared processing power, which comes from remote data centres.
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Cloud mining has the following things going for it:

Better effects on the environment: You can run a cloud mining operation from your home without any inconvenience. There is no heat, and you don’t need to get any fans to keep your systems from overheating, so there’s no noise.
Cost-effectiveness: Also, cloud mining doesn’t need to be a pain on your bill, because you won’t have to pay any additional electricity costs. There is also a lesser chance of being disappointed by any suppliers of mining equipment.
As for the cons of cloud mining, well, they’re quite manageable. As a matter of fact, the most significant con that cloud mining has is the fact that you might not get as much profit from it as you will get with using a fully-formed mining systems.
Also, profits are lower because the operators of these data centres might tend to take their cut of the tokens mined; keep in mind that they have to make money to maintain their system as well.
The most popular forms of cloud mining are the following:
Hosted mining: With hosted cloud mining, you get to lease a mining system that is hosted by your service provider.

Virtual hosted mining: Under this cloud mining form, you get to create a virtual private server, then have your mining software installed on the server.
Leased hashing power: This just might be the most interesting form of cloud mining. Here, you lease an amount of hashing power. It is especially innovative because, with it, you don’t have to rely on the use of a special virtual or physical computer.
Now, if the concept of cloud mining seems enticing to you, then you should definitely check out CryptoUniverse.
The entire CryptoUniverse ecosystem began as merely a “side hustle.”
Three business partners became interested in cryptocurrencies as far back as in 2015, and they began buying up digital assets and learning more about the dynamics of POW mining and crypto assets themselves.
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Before long, they were able to open up a fully functional, state of the art mining farm and all the equipment that they needed to mine at a certain scale at the time.
By 2017, CryptoUniverse LLC. was established and the company has continued to grow in leaps and bounds ever since then.
Currently, CryptoUniverse boasts one of the strongest and most stable mining solutions in the entire world.
Particularly, they provide two major services; cloud mining, and sales of mining equipment (as well as complimentary installation services as well).
With a network of well over 30 thousand clients, things are looking up for the company, they have been able to build their services to help them with proper scaling.
CryptoUniverse provides mining equipment, as well as a state-of-the-art cloud mining service.
With their suite of offerings, you can rest assure that your mining operations will be profitable and easy to manage.
As things stand, CryptoUniverse maintains one of the most stable pricing structures in the world.

Their prices are reliable, and they make payments on time, regardless of whether you’re running a cloud mining service or if you are mining tokens on your own.