DamnDude Network - A new Youtube Network for everybody!

# Atentie | Aceasta retea de Youtube este a mea. Din pacate, nu am prea mult timp sa traduc, asa ca am sa postez in engleza. Stiu ca avem numai lume buna pe aici, asa ca nu imi fac griji ca nu o sa intelegeti. O sa traduc zilele ce urmeaza. Sper sa cititi toata postarea si poate va alaturati retelei, mai ales ca suntem in cautare de staff si as prefera romani. :D

DamnDude Network - A new Youtube Network for everybody!​
First of all, i want to present myself. My name is Dumitru Gabriel, i am from Romania, and i am in this whole Youtube thing from almost 6 years. I know how things works, i know how a lot of networks works and i see that people want something simple, no more lies, everybody is already sick of them.

So, i was thinking to create my own Youtube Network. Why? Well, first reason is that i want to make people to feel that they actually are being visible on internet. They desirve it, they work for content, they work at every single video they make, every single gameplay, every single song that they make, they work for that, but they are not visible. When they become partners with a Network, they hope that Network will gonna help them, right? But it's not like that, actually they dont get help, and they pay that network with even 50/40% from theyr money. That's ok? No, is not! They pay for lies. And we are gonna brake that.

DamnDude is not yet finished. We are still create this Network. We want to be simple and powerfull. I will give you some informations about the network:

What you get at this moment:
  • Analytics and research tools.
  • Education material.
  • Free music and sound effect libraries.
  • Special opportunities, promotions and sponsorships
  • Support that can help you build your channel properly, so you can become more visible.
  • Higher RPM.
  • 90% Revenue-Share
  • Payment Options & Thresholds: PayPal, Western Union & Bank Transfer.
  • Contract Length: No Lock-in
  • And we accept all types of channels!
In the future:
  • A public forum for everybody where you can find a lot of stuffs that help you create better content and improve your channel quality. Collaborate with people and learn new things.
  • A blog/website for different categories like Gaming,Music,Short-Movies and so on, where you can actually have your video featured there. As a partner you will get this feature, and you will get some views and exposure from the website.
  • More will come...
What are the Requirements for a Youtube Partnership through DamnDude?
  • 33 views daily
  • No YouTube violations (e.g spam, strikes)
  • No copyright infringing content.
We do often make exceptions to these daily view guidelines so consider applying even if you do not meet these view targets.

  • Site: damndude[dot]net - Almost done
  • Forum: damndude[dot]net/community - Under construction
  • Creative: damndude[dot]net/creative - Under construction
At this moment, we still need more staff. And i am ready to work with more and more people. So, if you think you can manage a Youtube Network, and you will love to do that, than i will wait you to contact me.

We need:
  • 5 members for support area. ( You need to know how Youtube works, what are the rules and how to act when somebody need our help. )
  • 1 or more members for Community area. ( You need to take care about the Community Forum and try to make it better. )
  • 1 or more members for Creative area. ( You need to help the Network to create this area. A website that feature content from our partners. )
Do you feel that you can become part of our fammily and help the network? I will wait you to contact me at contact@damndude[dot]net


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