Discuții Generale Ripple (XRP)


Ripla e centralizata, se spune ca va inlocui swiftul si ca vor aparea bancile hibryd ce o vor folosi.
Cat despre predictii, greu de spus. De altfel si taberele sunt impartite: Unii nu o vad peste 2-3 usd anul asta, altii ca sigur va atinge 10 usd pana la final de an.

https://longforecast.com/ripple-price-prediction-2018-2019-2020-2021-xrp-to-usd ( astia le zic bine rau :D )

Posibil prin mai iunie sa avem un nou ATH la ripple, dar pana atunci doar miscare laterala intre support si rezistenta.


Doresc sa schimb niste btc in ripple. este ok portofelul de pe coinpayments.net? si tranzactia sa o fac prin changelly.com? Am facut o simulare de exchange, am adaugat adresa portofelului + Destination Tag, apoi imi apare adresa lor btc unde sa trimit btc. Este ok asa? Scuze daca este o intrebare idioata, este prima tranzactie pe care o fac, sunt nou pe crypto si nu as vrea sa pierd banutii.


Click pe balanta de BTC,
convert in ....
alegi din lista ripple
si aia e tot.
Nu trebuie sa bagi nicio adresa nimic daca iti raman in coinpayments.

Nu se face instant. iti vin in cont 1-2-3 zile depinde cand se rezolva trade-ul. Insa cu 20 ripple mai putin si la cursul shapeshift si nu changely.

vezi video cu conversie btc in eth. Tu alegi ripple in loc de eth


ori trebuie sa o bifezi tu din ce monede vrei sa ai listate in dashboard,
ori au scos-o din cauza la un hack din exchange-ul de pe ripple de anul trecut.

Dear [username],

It is with deep regret we must inform you of an error we discovered in our Ripple service on June 5th, 2017 that allowed a few users to withdraw excessive XRP from hot wallet XRP accounts. Our records show that you are one of the users affected by this unfortunate activity. The issue was hard to detect because of the rarity of circumstances where it could happen. We have done a full review of our systems and added additional checks and protections to make sure similar issues don't occur in the future.

This isolated incident is the first of its kind on our platform and affected only ripple wallets which were not taking advantage of our long-term coin storage solution, the Vault. The people who exploited the glitch were not hackers, but other long-term users of our service who made errors or chose not to report the discovered issue and ended up withdrawing other client’s XRP. Their detailed personal information has been collected and they all have been contacted to return the funds immediately. We are in communication with some already and reclamation process has begun with the help of our lawyers. Early response indicates that honesty appears to be prevailing. Some of the funds have already been returned and through a series of escalating steps, we will be making every effort to ensure the XRP is returned to its rightful owners. We will be working diligently with local and international authorities for the safe return all balances and will proceed with the criminal prosecution of those who do not return the funds willingly.

Your patience is greatly appreciated as we work through this matter. Note that your balance has been updated to reflect your new balance. Our support staff will not be able to give any information regarding the situation or adjust your Ripple balance.

We would like to remind everyone that any coin stored for an extended period should always be Vaulted. This service is free and offers the highest level of protection for any funds kept online. Additionally, we will dedicate 1/4 of our revenue flowing directly to affected users until we restore all of the missing value in their accounts. All coins recovered will be evenly distributed among all accounts effected as those come in.

Alex Alexandrov
Chief Executive Officer
CoinPayments Inc.