Incentive scripts inchide portile antreprenorilor ,dar ramane online vechilor antrepenori.

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    15 Noiembrie 2013
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    Incentive Scripts is closing down


    Incentive Scripts is closing down.

    For a limited time only, we are accepting requests for open source licenses. After this, we will shut down and the script will not be available ever again.

    The price for an open source license is $1000.

    With an open source license you can view and edit all the code: admin area, member area, classes, cronjobs, absolutely EVERYTHING! You will have complete access!

    This open source license is for life. One payment of $1000 and.. its yours... for life! No need to extend etc.

    What do you get with an open source license?

    EVERYTHING.. basically.

    You can open as many sites as you wish, that's right, for $1k, you can open and run as many sites as you can handle. There are no rules, or limitations. But that's not all, an open source license can be like your own custom made script where everything can be modified and changed according to your individual needs, the possibilities are endless.

    If you would like to order an open source license, please contact us at support:

    If you have any further queries you can also contact us on Skype: za1ntc

    Please note that current customers with active licenses will not be affected by the closure and will keep their current license as well as the ability to extend at current prices.

    Finally, Happy new year to everyone and good luck for 2017!

    All the best,
    Incentive Scripts
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    9 Noiembrie 2009
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    Având in vedere că forumul e in limba română, n-ar fi rău să traduci şi pentru cei care nu ştiu o altă limbă.
    Lui RhamyElle îi place asta.