Million Money contract intelligent Eth


Smart contract MILLION.MONEY is the best that mankind could come up with in recent years

• Payments are made from wallet to participant’s wallet

• Locking and breaking a wallet is not possible

• It is impossible to steal money

• If you hack the site, the smart contract will work

• Unable to exclude your account from the structure

• The project has no owner, all conditions are unchanged

Intrare este de 0.03 Eth+ transaction FEE, pentru primul nivel, pentru a primi profitul pentru acest nivel sa invitati doua persoane, iar dupa ce si ei intra cu acei 0.03 profitul dvs va fii transferat automat in adresa de ETH.

Daca doriti sa va inscrieti va sfatuiesc sa folositi MetaMask, dureaza doar 2 clickuri sa va inscrieti, dar va puteti inscrie cu orice wallet si puteti trimite manual.