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Altneuro este un site de investitii altcoins, cu startul pe 7 aprilie 2019.
Potrivit propriilor declaratii, Altneuro opereaza tranzactionarea altcoins pe baza sistemului Computer Neuroscience.
If you are not a user, we recommend you to join today - the biggest revolution in altcoin trading powered by computer neuroscience.
Planuri de investitii.

Avem 2 planuri de investitii: Gold si Diamond

1. Planul Gold (principal included)

Investitia minima este de 10 $ si cea maxima 5000 $.
Primim 1,5 % timp de 200 de zile calendaristice (ROI = 300 %).
Ajungem la BEP dupa 66 de zile calendaristice.
Depozitul nu-l primim inapoi la sfarsitul perioadei (principal included), fiind inclus in castigurile zilnice.
Exemplu: facem un depozit de 10 $, primim zilnic 0,15 $, pentru 200 de zile calendaristice.
La sfarsitul perioadei avem un castig total de 30 $.
Am investit 12 $.

2. Planul Diamond (principal included)

Investitia minima este de 5001 $.
Primim 2 % timp de 200 de zile calendaristice (ROI = 400 %).
Depozitul nu-l primim inapoi la sfarsitul perioadei (principal included), fiind inclus in castigurile zilnice.
Ajungem la BEP dupa 50 de zile calendaristice.

Plati si retrageri

Suma minima de investit este de 10 $ in Bitcoin.
Putem retrage minim 5 $ in Bitcoin. Taxa de retragere este de 10 %.
Avem posibilitatea de activare a retragerii automate, atunci cand s-au adunat 5 $ in balanta.

Sistemul de afiliere.

Avem 5 nivele de referali: 10%, 1%, 1%, 1% si 1%.
In plus se acorda un castig MLM binar si bonusuri pentru atingerea unui anumit nivel, care este in functie de totalul investit de catre referali.

Evaluare personala (fara garantii de castig).

Website-ul e realizat profesional, complex si planurile de investitii sunt simple si bine concepute.
Marketingul afacerii, axat in spatiul asiatic, cu prezentari, conferinte ale firmei, etc. functioneaza excelent.
Indicatorul Alexa Rank este foarte bun.
In concluzie, programul are toate sansele sa fie cu viata lunga.
Bineinteles ca este un Hyip cu riscurile de rigoare.

Link de inscriere Altneuro aici.

Atenție: program de investiții cu grad ridicat de risc!
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Link de inscriere Altneuro aici.

I am Ronnie Parker, director of Altneuro and on behalf of this esteemed organization, I'm here today to welcome all the investors who are with us and also potential investors who are looking to invest with us.

Our investors after just four weeks are receiving ample profits making our company the best place to invest and have ultimate return on investment. Let me tell you why it is such a remarkable idea to invest with us.

Altneuro is Ruling the Cryptocurrency Trading World
First of all, cryptocurrency market is booming throughout the world. Be it crypto mining or crypto trading, people are making millions overnight. Everyone knew that there is no way one can become rich quickly however, after the introduction of cryptocurrency, this has become possible. People who have invested in cryptocurrency have always come out on top and is the reason why more people are interested in investing in cryptocurrency trading.

According to various experts and professional traders, cryptocurrency is here to stay for a long duration. Its growth and expansion along with the ability to offer ample ROI make it the best place to invest in recent times. Though cryptocurrency is considered to be a volatile market, no other option can pay a better return on investment as well as make someone rich instantly.

With passing time, more people will be investing in cryptocurrency trading market. Hence, if you are willing to make a boatload of money, you will need to act now. The more you wait, the more chance of you losing out on such a golden opportunity will increase.

Since this market is still new and has potential growth option, investment opportunity it provides is beyond anything one can imagine right now. Just imagine if this market wasn't booming or didn't have a future, will millions of people around the world invest here?

People are investing because they understand that this will only get larger with time. More people are getting involved because everyone loves to receive ample profits for their investment.

Now you might think why choose our organization over any other cryptocurrency trading company? Well, the answer is easy. When you have the chance of investing in the best why select another. No other company can offer you the ROI which we can. This is why our existing investors are willing to invest more with us. They are enjoying the benefits and want more to earn more profit is the real reason they keep investing in our firm. Also, we have thousands of members and it will grow with time, which means this organization is going to be even larger than what it is now. Soon we will be ruling the cryptocurrency trading world and if you miss this opportunity of investing with us, you will surely regret a lot later.

So, invest with us today and start reaping the benefits as early as possible!


Prima plata, primita in ca. o ora: :D

Newsletter de la sponsor:

Altneuro Management Team Looking For Event Promoters/Seminar Conductors!
If You Want To Make Big Money Now is The Time!

Here Are The Conditions:
1. They Will Regularly Fund Your Account Based On Your Event's and Seminar's!
2. All Events Or Seminar Held Must Be Given with Video Links After Review They Credit Your Account!
3. Must Have an Active ID Upgraded And Business On His/Her ID!
Link de inscriere Altneuro aici.
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Welcome to Altneuro!
Altneuro is a next generation investment platform.
If you want to become a part of a technology revolution which could shake the very fabric of our economic, social, political behavior and to earn the money, then start altcoin trading. The future of cryptocurrency is bright and cryptocurrencies are trending all over the world as the internet payments have been accepted by many companies. More investors are interested in investing their money on these cryptocurrencies and the increased demand of cryptocurrency has increased their prices a lot. If you appreciate their prospects, we invite you to make money through Altneuro – the best altcoin trading platform supporting with computer neuroscience. Yes, you heard right – ‘computer neuroscience’. It is the mixture of Artificial Intelligence, Robot and Manual Interface. Our computer neuroscience technology employs mathematical models, theoretical analysis and abstractions of the brain to understand the principles that govern the development, structure, physiology and cognitive abilities of the nervous system in altcoin trading.We have the experience, market knowledge and professional skills of altcoin trading and our company shows the steady growth and increase in trade assets.
We sincerely hope that Altneuro will become a partner in your life.
Multiply your capital with us!

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Birourile firmei pot fi vizitate, cu programare prealabila. :)

Office Can Be Visited Prior Appointment!
You Can Go To Company and See How The Business is Actually Done..

Office Address: Alt Neuro Limited, 15 London Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5RS, United Kingdom

Alternatively You Can Contact Donald Parks on Telegram : @donaldparks
Fix an Appointment, Also Ask On Seminars and Events If You Plan

This Shows Transparency in the Company!
Link de inscriere Altneuro aici.
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