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Nu am modificat nimic cand am facut exemplele, mi-am folosit imaginatia si o sa vedeti ca la exemplul 2 iese 94% unique pentru ca fraza asta "click the button Download to achieve the software" se regaseste in multe texte de pe google e ok zi eu asa fara sa fac nici o modificare ... si primul exemplu o sa vedeti ca e 100% unic. Partea cu seo on page ce am facut e doar ca sa vedeti ca key-urile se difera intre ele. ( NU FAC SI SEO ON PAGE LA ARTICOLE ), primul key subliniat trebuie introdus link-ul la hack ete ca va invat si putin seo :))

Exemplu I

Mario Hack Tool

Mario Hack Tool is the newest software that we have now launched on our website at the request of our friends and other players that are playing the game Mario. Even there are thousands of programs that looks like our, you can not be sure if some of those programs will work for you. There are some of the softwares that you find them on the internet that will require you personal information or some of them will ask to pay for it. We give you the application Mario Hack Tool Cheat for free, for all of you that needs to hack the game and our programmers guarantee that this application it is safe to be used. The exploits that our team of programmers has found them into the game, are used for the application and only a person that works in IT knows how hard it is to create a program complexe such as ours. The main function of the software Mario Hack Tool is that you will have unlimited lives, so you can play the game for a long time and you will also unlimited ammo.

With the software Mario Hack Tool you ain't gonna need to use Root or Jailbreak for it, because they are not required at all. The interface of the application Mario Hack Cheat is very simple made and this makes it easy to be used by all of the players. For the application we add the options Use Proxy and Guard Protection Anti-ban, so you can never get caught. One last thing about Mario Hack Cheat is the option auto-update that is made in each day.

Get the software Mario Hack Tool from the button Download and after you will install the program to your computer. Now you can Run the application Mario Hack and complete the amount of lives and ammo that you need in the game. Enjoy playing the game Mario, thanks to our programmers that made the tool Mario Hack Cheat.

Exemplu II

Mario Hack Tool

Mario Hack Tool is now launched on this website for all of the players in the world of the game Mario. We had some request from different players over the world, that has asked us to create a program that could hack the game Mario to improve their results in the game. You should know that our application Mario Hack Cheat has been tested by a lot of gamers and it was scanned with different anti-viruses, to be sure that it is safe to be used. We are glad to say that our program has passed all of the tests that you can do it for the software and we assure you that the tool will work 100%. If you want to show your friends that you are a better player than them, you will need to use the software Mario Hack Free, that you can find it for free on this website.

Mario Hack Tool Features:

- unlimited lives ( you will never have to start the game over and over )
- unlimited ammo ( you will have ammo all the time to shot your enemies )
- friendly interface and easy to be used
- automatically updates made for the software each day at the end of it
- never required Proxy and Jailbreak for the software
- protected by the options Guard Protection Anti-ban
- tested and scanned by anti-viruses

How to use Mario Hack Tool:

- click the button Download to achieve the software Mario Hack Tool
- install the software to your computer
- Run the application Mario Hack Tool Cheat and wait for a new window to open
- select the amount of ammo and lives you need them
- click the button Start Hack and now you will enjoy the game Mario much faster and improve your results thanks to the application Mario Hack Tool.
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