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TheAdsLeader este un revshare lansat pe 1 decembrie, 2016 si am vazut ca este promovat intens pe site-urile unde am investit. Chiar daca seamana leit cu MY24 (ca design), am decis sa-i acord o sansa. Va pun in fata un site care s-ar putea sa creasca rapid in urmatoarele luni.

Ali Azlan
este din Pakistan si este adminul acestui revshare. Pagina lui de facebook:
De asemenea, puteti urmari toate noutatile pe grupul lor de facebook:


Mai jos aveti o imagine care acopera toate planurile. Veti incepe, bineinteles, cu pachetele Starter. Pentru a trece la urmatorul plan trebuie sa cumparati maximul de pachete din planul precedent.


Procesoare de plata: Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin
Minimul de plata: $5
Max Cashout: $300
Fara minim de add funds
Trebuie vazute 12 reclame la 24 de ore pentru a primi castigurile
Internal Compounding (puteti cumpara pack-uri noi din orice balanta)
Nu sunt informatii despre timpul estimativ de maturizare a pack-urilor, dar ca starter, am calculat rapid si-mi scot banii in ~15 zile.
MAX ROI: 125%



Link de inregistrare:
(mii de multumiri celor care se inregistreaza pe link-ul meu)

* revshare-urile sunt programe de investitii cu grad mediu sau ridicat de risc. Decizia de a investi in aceste programe va apartine.
** castigurile din revshare-uri nu sunt tipice. Dovezile de plata promovate de diferite persoane nu va garanteaza aceleasi incasari . Aveti insa posibilitatea de a castiga la fel de bine sau mai mult, daca aveti o strategie cel putin egala cu cei ce au promovat acele dovezi de plata.

El Patrón

Eu am vazut in FAQ-ul lor ca accepta si fonduri prin Payza, dar probabil ca l-au scos intre timp si au uitat sa modifice.

Ma gandesc serios sa mai investesc $100, dar voi vedea.

El Patrón

Multumesc ca te-ai inscris pe link-ul meu. Chiar nu stiu sa-ti raspund la intrebare pentru ca nu m-a interesat lucrul asta, dar probabil ca suntem platiti la 12 sau 24 de ore. Voi trimite un mesaj unui moderator de pe TAL facebook group si am sa te informez printr-un mp.

Este foarte probabil sa reinvestesc tot ce castig pentru ca imi place cum merge treaba. Mult succes!

El Patrón

Nu-ti arata cat ai facut profit in ziua respectiva, dar poti sa deduci memorand cat ai avut in balanta in ziua precedenta si cat ai acum. Faci un calcul matematic simplu (scadere) si vezi exact cat ai facut.

Am intrebat in cat timp expira un pack si mi s-a spus ca expira intre 10 si 15 zile. Eu am ajuns la 8 pack-uri si sper sa ma ridic mai rapid de acum incolo sa fac un profit frumusel.

El Patrón

Pe grupul de facebook se cauta oameni care sa modereze grupuri in limba natala pentru a raspunde anumitor intrebari pe care eventualii investitori le vor adresa. Este munca voluntara - sa nu va asteptati la cine stie ce rasplata. Oricum, munca voastra va fi apreciata, cu siguranta.

Hello Everyone,
i am here with some latest Update's, We are getting lot of tickets from our member's who did not well known about (English) language. These most of member's based as Portuguese, Turkish, Urdu/Hindi, Italian & French so they need such a Platform where they can get Support in their Motherlanguage. So we decided to Create Facebook Support Groups with TheAdsLeader Official Title in All major Languages. Our Aims is to facilitate our members, To keep this Aim success we need some Leaders who will based in these Languages, We will create these Facebook Support Groups and also we need some Staff Leaders who can Handle these Groups as a Admin Rank, These Staff Leaders just listen members issue's from there Support Group and Direct contact with TAL Official Support, our Official Support will Response to Staff Leader on base of urgent Priority.

If you want to be a Part of this Just Post a Support Ticket with the below details.

Full Name:
Contact Number:
Time you can Spend:

If you are really serious to keep TAL on Sky of Success so try to be a part of this and keep promoting TAL.

Best Regard's
TheAdsLeader Admin & Team

Alta plata primita azi.

El Patrón

Un anunt facut de Faisal Bajwa, unul dintre administratorii grupului de facebook:

Dear "TAL" family members. I am here to announce a very important news which is based on the report and solution by our Trading Team, "Mr. Fawad" Director of our secondary backup income source Forex Trading team.

As Many of you know that TAL has backup income source which is crypto (bitcoin), VCH, TTR Processors etc trading. It is a bear fact we have not much advertising contracts yet. But with the time we are approving much, The day our members will reach about 25000 to 50000 we will start getting new advertising contracts from the company and you can not believe with such number of members how big contracts we will start getting. I can give you a glance of it with 50000 members we will get the advertising contracts like our one static banner or login ad will start selling on 100$ per day.
So basically its Mr Fawad responsibility to keep our Master ROI (Return of Investment or say Fund box of TAL) to keep it Full and over fund so we have no worry to Therefor our members on TAL, Here I want to mention why other Revenue shares take 24 to 48 hours and sometimes 72 hours in complete withdraw because they wait for new funds to be deposit by members! But as you have experienced already in TAL that our payout time is 5 to 15 minutes that is why I am very thankful to our Forex Team Director Mr. Fawad and his team. To making TAL work smoothly till it reach to the good quantity of members like 50000 members then we will rely almost less than 25% on our crypto trading experienced team that time.

To make TAL revenue share long lasting and stronger we decided to introduce a unique feature where company and member become more sure about TAL will become number 1 in revenue share business and pay its members in time. There for we decided a member can withdraw 200% of his deposit amount, It is mean if he has already withdrawn 200% of his deposit amount he will have to deposit new amount in cash balance so he can again withdraw 200% of his newly deposited amount.

The reason for doing this is if 10 persons just deposit one time 100$ and take out each month 100$ because with only TAL revenue share it is so much possible to earn more than double of your deposit by repurchasing of adpacks using your earning balance for a month. Soon if those 10 members keep withdrawing 100$ and not make a new deposit (new funds). The company will goes weaker day by day. So far now our Forex trading team is managed to keep ROI ( Return of Investment ) over fund so have no problem to pay out but when our member's number will massively increase in near future like 50000 members they can really impact our backup income trading source. because of only people deposit once and keep enjoy withdrawal each month 100% or more of their deposit and company receive no new deposit how the trading team going to trade with. So that is why there was so much need of this feature that members can only withdraw 200% of their deposit so next time if they want to do a withdraw again they have to make a deposit of their desired amount they want to withdraw. But in another hand, we decided to increase the daily withdraw limit to 600$ so they can still earn more big amount and they do not feel the burden of deposit

In another manner, we saw no business yet which even returns monthly 200% of our investment constantly for whole life. So its so fair deal and our developer designed it so well to make sure member keep get paid smoothly and the company also keep run for infinite time.

A successful company is called who pay their members for atleast two months according to its policies regularly and the company also make the profit.

Hope you all family members will agree with this statement my humble request to all TAL leaders they cooperate with us and explain their referrals with that step. We making sure we do long term business with our members and keep pay them on time and without facing any problems. Thanks To All TAL Family members
Ce vrea sa spuna, pe scurt, este ca membrii vor putea sa retraga doar 200% din totalul sumelor depozitate pentru a asigura longevitatea proiectului. Daca ati trecut de aceasta limita, va trebui sa faceti un nou depozit pentru a putea, din nou, sa retrageti 200% din acel depozit si tot asa. Daca aveti nelamuriri, va rog sa imi trimiteti un mesaj privat si va voi raspunde.
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Am mai primit o plata astazi. Nu mai recomand investii in site intrucat s-a facut fuziune cu my24 si exista mari riscuri sa aiba problemele pe care le-am intampinat acolo cu totii.