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Va prezint un proiect ambitios, legat de un ICO (Initial Coin Offering): Trident Crypto Fund (TDC).
Programul se afla in prelaunch pana pe 1 mai si este de fapt un ICO combinat cu revshare.
Criptomoneda Trident Crypto Fund (TDC) va fi, dupa propriile precizari de pe website, prima moneda bazata pe un fond Crypto Index,
ce va ingloba monedele cu profitabilitatea cea mai mare.
Aici avem un videoclip foarte bun, care ne explica ce este moneda TDC.

Se lucreaza inca la Whitepaper-ul pentru ICO:
Our Team Is Working Hard Behind The Scenes On Releasing The Trident ICO Whitepaper And It Should Be Done By No Later Than End Of Next Week
Toate planurile investitionale revshare ne aduc un castig de 140% (zilnic intre 0.5% si 1%), cu investitia initiala inclusa si sunt de doua feluri:
=> Crypto Index Fund (castig/retrageri in BTC)
=> Trident Coins (castig/retrageri in TDC)

Deocamdata nu se pot face plati si retrageri.
Detaliile despre plati si retrageri vor fi cunoscute inainte de lansarea de pe 1 mai.
Ne putem insa inscrie si construi matricea binara, care va putea deveni o sursa suplimentara de castig, alaturi de comisioanele dupa referali.
Sponsorul meu face o treaba excelenta.
Am primit deja de la el 2560 de referrali prin spillover in matricea mea binara.
Pentru cei care nu doresc sa investeasca, interesant este ca vom avea un Airdrop gratuit: :)

We Are Also About To Start Free Airdrop Of Trident Coins And That Will Be Your Chance To Grab Some Free Trident Coins
Atrag atentia ca este foarte riscant sa investim in ICO (Initial Coin Offering).
Din aceasta cauza recomandarea mea este ca intotdeauna sa investim in ICO-uri, doar atat cat ne putem permite sa pierdem.
Link de inscriere aici.

Mai jos aveti mai multe informatii de la sponsorul meu:
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They have already been doing a private ICO for private investors and now presale
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After BCC and USI shut down , there has been a gap in the marketplace for strong crypto programs
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I strongly feel this one fills the void !

Since its binary , I will be able to help all of you as I will be placing 2000-5000
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So timing is of essence.

April month will be only free placements and may onwards
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As they say timing is everything in this industry and right action
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For Full Qualification in the compensation plan , you need to sponsor one personal on left and one on right

I will be building your left side and hence I recommend you signup one person on left which could be
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Știi că sunt cei de la bitconnect în spatele proiectului?
Poate ca da, poate ca nu.
Oricum, nu trebuie neaparat sa investim.

Pentru cei care nu doresc sa investeasca, interesant este ca vom avea un Airdrop gratuit: :)
We Are Also About To Start Free Airdrop Of Trident Coins And That Will Be Your Chance To Grab Some Free Trident Coins
Pentru cei care vor sa riste:
Atrag atentia ca este foarte riscant sa investim in ICO (Initial Coin Offering).
Din aceasta cauza recomandarea mea este ca intotdeauna sa investim in ICO-uri, doar atat cat ne putem permite sa pierdem.
Si cu aceasta am incheiat aceasta discutie.


A fost lansta Airdrop-ul. :)
Primim gratuit 5 tokens la inscriere si cate 5 tokens pentru fiecare referal direct.
Eu am primit 30 tokens.

Link de inscriere aici.


We started our FREE ICO Airdrop today of 176,000 Trident TDC Tokens

You can read all about the airdrop on our medium channel here :

If you already have a existing Trident account , simply login to your account and claim your 5 Free Tokens
Also for every new person you introduce to your trident business , you will get additional 5 tokens
This tokens are worth $0.60 cents right now which is our ICO private sale launch price starting in 20 days approx
Timing and fast action will be the key here as tokens are going away every minute and as we are writing this email to you , only about 167,000 tokens are left in Giveaway
So claim your tokens now and refer more and more people to your trident business to get even more free tokens
Links for FREE ICO Airdrop is under marketing tools in your trident backoffice

Team Trident
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So, let me just cut to the chase...

In this new business I just started...
You need a left leg, and a right leg.

I am already starting to drive my
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My right leg is already huge, so
I don't have to work on that one
again for a while, if ever at all.

But in this left leg...

There are some amazing people
in there already, and more are
coming very quickly, and we
are all working together to drive
the business, big & fast!

Those who are on board with us
sooner than later, are going to get...

... all - the - spillover, from both
my Team, and me.

In other words, we are building
one GIANT leg, which means
that after you get started, and
qualified to build this Team leg
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focus on one leg to start getting
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There is big, big, big money
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So, if that's you - csecure your free spot
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Only if you are willing to do the
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So, here's what you do next:

do this first <---
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And then take time out to watch the video on home page ,
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It's truly genius what we are doing
right now.

So let me know when you are ready.

Applications are flying in and members
are coming on board daily!

When you get started, those who come
after you, will be placed below YOU!

The longer you wait, the more
people you are losing out on
who could be helping your
income and your success.



One of the things we have started to work behind the scenes is TRIDENT own Crypto exchange which will take on the likes of Binance , Kucoin , Bittrex and many others

It will go live Q1 of 2019

We will start with trading of Trident Coins itself after the ICO inside the exchange and later once the whole system is stabilized , add new and new coins on a weekly basis

We at Trident believe in thinking 5 steps ahead of time and we already got things in line for the next 5 years for all you awesome affiliates and customers inside Trident

We are starting to get lot of attention from main stream media now as we are adding now almost 3000 affiliates a day on daily basis and we believe by the time we are ready to launch starting 1st May , this number will be easy 5000 affiliates a day

Our FREE ICO Airdrop sales funnel is crushing the main website funnel by 3x and our marketing team is continuosly working on adding more and more sales funnels.

We infact just got done producing a few more sales videos for you guys and you will love them once they are live

Team Trident
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Hi Team,

This one is looking better with every passing day!

* Another great update from Trident Crypto Fund:

The new Exchange site is being work on & will be
launch 1st qtr of 2019! (link to the demo site is available)

* Claim your FREE bonus while it's available:

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About Trident Crypto Fund:

IMPORTANT - No sponsoring ever needed to earn from the packages. We all earn 140% total (without sponsoring).

* Earn Passive daily rebate (all packs earn 140%)
* Earn from the Binary plan
* Earn from coming ICO
* Earn from direct ref comm

It can produce a life changing income!

Do not miss it!
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Si ii putem trimite in wallet deja?
Inca nu, dar va fi posibil in curand:


We are having a really busy week with growth happening all around and Trident prelaunch going viral

We managed to launch compensation plan pdf in 3 more languages : Chinese , Indonesian and Vietnamese to cater to the immediate demand in these new trident markets and more languages are coming
You can find them inside marketing tools in pdf section

Also we launched something called as tag tracker whereby by attaching &tag=( source name) at the end of your referral links , you can track performance by traffic source

So if you are advertising your referral links in 10 different places like FB , Twitter , Instagram , Snapchat , Youtube etc - you can mention them in &tag=fb , &tag=twitter etc and hence track performances of each marketing campaign

This data can be found under ref link analysis section in your backoffice

We at trident are all about helping you achieve your goals by providing you a high quality product with good marketing tools to help you make the most out of it

Team Trident
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I estimate company wise over 100k+ people in last 20 days alone

This is what you call an epic launch and thats how you make
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Been in this game of making money and building teams for over 12 years
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So here you got the perfect timing - first 20 days of the business , a product line
( crypto index fund ) which everyone wants as crypto is where the world movement
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Now if you are already a part of my team , then you should be getting rid of all distractions
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And if you are not yet a part of my team , all I got to say is

" WTF are you waiting for "

Don't sit on this - Lets do this like right now
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Trident Updates:
Congratulation to all leaderboard winners.

1st winner: Emily Nguyen - price: $3000 USD
2nd winner: Nick J - price $2000 USD
3rd winner: Thuy Nhule - price: $1000 USD
4th to 10th - price $500 USD each
10th to 25th - price $100 USD each

Price amount will be credited in 24 hours in Cash Wallets of winners
Always be participating in our contests and encourage your teams to do the same

Meanwhile the phase 3 is about to end for TDC coins and price by EOD today as per our current estimate will touch 0.77 cents
Don't loose out on these massive gains
Lock your coins and have your teams do the same

Team Trident

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