unmined BTC Mining free


Team Spirit
Salut, am descoperit un sit mining btc poti mina si gratis
Revendicați-vă puterea gratuită de hash la fiecare oră cu o rată de exploatare de 0.00000120BTC

  • Claim your free hashing power every hour with mining rate of 0.00000120BTC
  • Every free User can mine 0.0000012 BTC/HOUR.
  • Collections limit for free users is one hour.
  • Upgrade & enjoy the benefits of unlimited coin collection.
  • Collected coins will be added to main Balance in My wallet.
  • Mining difficulties can change for free users.
  • Having and Maintaining multiple free accounts with us is strictly prohibited and could result in all of your free accounts being disabled, untill them are upgraded. In our endeavour to provide efficient and effective mining experience to all your technical concern and issues regarding Mining, it is advisable to all users to avoid making multiple free accounts.
  • We only allow ONE Free Account per USER and disabled Free Accounts will continue to receive mining, but they are limited in their ability to withdraw funds.
  • Only upgraded users can have multiple accounts, to Re-open and process your withdrawal request, you will need to upgrade your account.
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