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Un site de socializare care seamana foarte mult cu facebook.
Te plateste pentru a posta , like si comentarii.
Nu stiu foarte multe despre acest site.
Minim retragere 25$ in paypal sau transfer bancar.
La inregistrare folositi acest voucher pentru a primi 2$ . GBMEWG7V
Balanta se actualizeaza a doua zii. Deci ce faci astazi abia a2a zii iti apare.

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1. The Social Media Bonus:
You receive the Social Media Bonus on a daily basis for the previous day’s use of Xenzuu as a social media platform, for example, for liking, sharing, posting and commenting on posts. We don't publish the exact calculation for this so as not to influence normal user behaviour in any way.

2. The Activity Bonus:
At the start of every month, all of the advertising income from the previous month is added up and shared between the active members of Xenzuu. Active members include all members who logged in on at least 10 different days within the last 30 days and have uploaded a profile picture. The commission is calculated as follows:

80% of all Xenzuu advertising income in a month is split amongst the number of all active members in that month. Each active user then receives 5% of this amount, as well as 5% of this amount for all downline active members, to a maximum of 10 levels down.

An example:
If Xenzuu distributes $30,000 in advertising income to 30,000 members, each member receives 5% of 80 cents = 4 cents. Our 3x10 matrix means that the income potential looks roughly as follows:

User itself 5% = 0,04 $
1. Level 3 Refs 5% x 3 = 0,12 $
2. Level 9 Refs 5% x 9 = 0,36 $
3. Level 27 Refs 5% x 27 = 1,08 $
4. Level 81 Refs 5% x 81 = 3,24 $
5. Level 243 Refs 5% x 243 = 9,72 $
6. Level 729 Refs 5% x 729 = 29,16 $
7. Level 2187 Refs 5% x 2187 = 87,48 $
8. Level 6561 Refs 5% x 6561 = 262,44 $
9. Level 19683 Refs 5% x 19683 = 787,32 $
Tital: = 1180,96 $

It should be noted here that it is not necessary to recruit members directly yourself, as the matrix fills itself up from the spill-over. New members without a sponsor are automatically inserted at the right place to ensure that the matrix has an even structure. Members who sponsor other members have the advantage that their downline grows more quickly and they can earn a Matching Bonus for directly sponsored members.

3. The Matching Bonus:
Premium members receive the Matching Bonus based on the income of their directly sponsored members. So when a directly sponsored member receives a Social Media Bonus, a Friends Bonus or an Activity Bonus, Premium members also receive between 10% and 50% of this amount as a Matching Bonus.

4. The Friends Tree Bonus:
Members receive the Friends Tree Bonus from the purchases of Premium memberships in their downline, also up to 10 levels down. This amounts to 5% of the price of membership. The prerequisite here is that you have also purchased this membership previously and therefore are entitled to commission in the tree concerned.

Here is another example:
If we assume that 1,000 members in your downline purchase a Bronze membership for $10, you will receive $0.50 for each, making a total of $500. You will also receive the Matching Bonus of between 10% and 50%, depending on your membership. This will be between $50 and $250. The prerequisite here again is that you are already at least a Bronze member. As we saw in the other example above, 1,000 members in a downline is a very small number that will continue to grow with time and new registrations. It is clear, therefore, that the Friends Tree Bonus, in conjunction with the Matching Bonus, can provide the highest commission. Experience suggests that at least 40% of all members choose a Premium membership.

4.3. How can I maximise my commission?

The advertising income depends very heavily on the number of members and their activity. You should therefore try to attract members via your advertising link and use Xenzuu regularly. The commission you earn will increase on its own after a time as new users join and advertising income grows. It is important for all types of commission, however, that Xenzuu is used and visitors come to the website regularly. Through the Premium membership and the additional marketing plans it offers, there are other opportunities to make money and increase the Matching Bonus, the bonus that you receive when directly sponsored members earn commission.